• Hardwired for today's opportunities with sights set on tomorrow's

    I stand by my experience because it has given me valuable perspective.


    I have a passion for the digital space and its never-ending opportunity to learn, ameliorate, and share that expertise. As a digital marketing, product development, and business development professional, I believe my strategic thinking and ability to learn fast provides me with acute capabilities to manage, motivate and mentor large cross-functional teams.


    With 25+ years in business, I can say that emerging technologies have fascinated me from the beginning. Each has played a distinct role in my ability to provide meaningful contributions to virtually any organization while cultivating a dynamic place where a success is just as important as a stumble. I believe the learnings are equally impactful in today's supersonic digital marketplace.


    Digital has disrupted the marketplace in a way few could have ever imagined. The speed of technological evolution, how data is gathered, what insights are leveraged to drive your organization are astounding. These make for exciting times professionally. Digital success is often measured by longevity when, in my opinion, it can best be measured by a brand's ability to develop a positive relationship with its targeted audience while continuing to meet their expectations and fight an authentic campaign to change lives. Do we meet or exceed their expectations? That is our mission. That is my ambition.


    I am Cleveland born and raised. I moved to Chicago to complete my BA in Communications through an internship at a local Chicago television station. Since that humble beginning, I have challenged myself


    by working in several verticals including broadcasting, cable content distribution, entertainment, hospitality, business services, publishing, and agency delivery. I have acquired plenty of learnings each step of the way. The thread that connects the span of my career has been the dedication to collect data to formulate insights for the delivery of product and services to delight the customer, whoever that may be.


    Over the years I have served on many professional boards and won awards for dedication and expertise. I was also fortunate to have been the inaugural President of CTAM Midwest Chapter for several years. These experiences combined with my professional years have provided a breadth of leadership and brand-building expertise.


    I have developed a substantial network of subject matter experts, though both successful and difficult times. As my mentor often wisely states: "Build bridges through hard-work and dedication. Let this be your legacy."



    Shawn understands the importance of defining the big picture and outlining a long-term vision as well as focusing on impactful business requirements. I would highly recommend him for any strategic role.



    I was fortunate to work with Shawn Gannon as a colleague for several years. He has the gift of being both left and right brained ... a unique and rare quality. He is a marketing professional with diverse ideas and a flair for challenging what has “always been” coupled with being detail oriented and results driven. Working with Shawn led to accomplishments for the Company in addition to broadening my own thinking and skills. I’d absolutely recommend Shawn.

    Michael Milano, Manager Digital Product Development

    Tribune Company

    I had the pleasure of reporting to Shawn directly during my tenure at Tribune Interactive and can say he is a true leader with a very rare ability to instill a creative edge to any design as well as develop talent. Shawn's keen ability to optimize a staff's performance level and deliver a multitude of products in an ever-changing digital environment is unsurpassed. I not only recommend Shawn but also consider him a true mentor with the ability to excel in even the most challenging environments.