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Admitting your truth

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Continuing a career with challenges and fulfillment

I have finally decided to add a blog component to my website. It seems like an obvious addition but I have struggled with the concept for years. I have written blog posts throughout my career at Gannon Solutions and previous positions and have enjoyed doing so. Yet, I still never pulled the trigger on my own personal website until today.

To be candid, I think it has to do with a mild case of The Imposter Syndrome. That feeling "if I put myself out there, someone is soon going to figure out that I am a fraud." Obviously this is a ridiculous notion. Professionals who take their work seriously know, at least in part, that simply by working hard and engaging daily we are providing a service to the organization that relies on us. What I personally have come to terms with is that I am not an "imposter," in fact. I have simply chosen a challenging career path that, at times, can provoke some angst, but mostly I find absolute fulfillment and joy from what I do.

This is a great quote by Thomas A. Edison. It is part of a personal LinkedIn/Twitter Campaign I have been running to inspire my networks with meaningful words from great persons/personas. This campaign is a reminder to us all that we have passion and strength when we do what is right for ourselves and others.

Over the years I have been fortunate to have strong leadership that has not just inspired me but has provided me with the gift of a strong work ethic. That has, in turn, made me into a strong leader, manager, individual contributor, and subject matter expert. I am proud to be able to admit that aloud. One mentor shared with me her philosophy. It was as poignant then as it is to me today: "Build bridges through hard work and dedication. Let this be your legacy." I follow these words like a personal roadmap. I hope you also find them to be meaningful.

In the end, I'm learning to not allow self-doubt to sabotage my efforts. But ... me. Me. Me. OK, that's enough for my first blog entry. This just the "why" I am doing this. In the future, please look forward to thoughts on tech news topics, interviews with leaders and professionals in the industry, and musings meant to inspire. I want this to be relevant to you, dear reader. This is ultimately what I hope to do with my personal blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Shawn Gannon

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